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Introduction on How to Grow Flowers

Learning how to grow flowers? Are you brushing up on your knowledge? Do you want to become the best flower gardener you can be!? Without a doubt, we’ve gotcha covered. Flower gardening is a wonderful hobby. As a matter of fact, gardening is practiced by millions of people. Avid gardeners like you, plant flower seeds and bulbs all over their yards, in flower beds, and even in fields. New to flower gardening? Don’t wait. Start growing flowers today!

Often, we grow just a few varieties of flowers. Meanwhile, there are literally thousands of different varieties of flowers to choose from. Consequentially, this broad choice is a great opportunity for gardeners to grow flowers that are new, unique, and quite different Certainly, continue to grow your favorite blooms. But we also encourage you to take up the challenge and grow some varieties you’ve never grown before. Perhaps, you’ll choose a variety you’ve never even heard of. It’s almost a certainty, you will be rewarded with both a sense of accomplishment and some beautiful blooms. 

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Go ahead and grow some different flower varieties this year. Click on a flower below, for information on how to grow that flower. Our pages are loaded with flower gardening tips and trivia.

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How to Grow Flowers Tip:

Perennial seeds should be planted no later than a month to a month and a half before the first (expected) frost. This allows time for the seeds to sprout, and the young seedling to grow enough of a root system to survive the winter.

More How to Grow Flowers Resources

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Deer Resistant Flowers  – Got Deer? Growing deer resistant flowers is a whole lot easier than constantly applying deer repellents. You also do not want to waste time constantly or covering plants and hiding their blooms under netting. 

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Edible Flowers – yup, enjoy their beauty and eat ’em!

Poisonous Flowers they may be attractive. But, they can also be harmful to children and pets.

Flower Plant pH levels – provide your plants with the ideal growing conditions.

Flower Gallery surf our gallery of flower pictures, images, and flower jpegs. Please contribute one from your garden!

Anniversary Flower by Year

Flower of the Month: There is a flower for every month. Do you know what they are?

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Flower gardening – Flower gardening tips and information on growing flowers and bulbs.

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