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How to Grow Wildflower Plants

Annuals and Perennial

By definition, a Wildflower is a flower that grows in the wild.  So, theoretically, any flower is a wildflower. When we think about wildflowers, we think about a variety of flowers growing and blooming naturally in a field, a meadow, along a streambed, on a hillside, or any other unkempt area.

Wildflower plants are very popular among gardeners and homeowners for a range of applications. They look great. They spruce up and brighten up an unused, or difficult to maintain area. They are easy to grow, and require little or no attention.

The term "Naturalizing" is frequently used when referring to wildflowers. This can mean a couple of things. Many refer to naturalizing as planting a variety of flowers native to the area. Others, look at naturalizing as a planting method that creates colorful blooms outside of an established flower bed or garden. However you look upon wildflowers, they are very popular and attractive.  

When planting wildflowers, an important goal is to produce continuous blooms over a long season, from as early in spring as possible, all the way to frost. In doing so, selection of a wildflower mixture is best. Seed suppliers provide mixtures that include a range of flowers, including annuals and perennials, to produce season long blooming. 

Plant Propagation:

Wildflowers are most commonly grown from seed. You can also add a variety of bulbs to your wildflower garden. Prepare the area to be planted by tilling and raking out the soil. Remove all weeds and roots.  Wildflower seeds can be directly seeded by broadcast spreading them into the area you have prepared. Sow Wildflower seeds early in the season. You do not need to cover the seeds with soil.

Tip: To better spread the seeds, mix seeds with a small amount of dry sand. Mix two parts sand to one part seed.

How to Grow Wildflower Plants:

Wildflower plants are very easy to grow with little or no maintenance. Seed suppliers select mixtures of wildflowers that require little maintenance, and ones that can withstand a little drought. There are a variety of mixtures, some for full sun, and others for partial shade.

Wildflowers thrive in most soils While many of the plants are drought tolerant, occasional watering during the driest periods of the year is helpful. Add a general purpose fertilizer when planting.

Insect and Disease:

Depending upon the selection of flowers, insect and disease resistance may occur.  If insect or disease problems arise, treat early with organic or chemical insect repellents and fungicide.


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