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About Home Garden Composting

Explore the rewarding world of home garden composting. Compost is a rich, organic way to enrich your soil. It allows you to reduce or eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers. So, you save money. Composting is a part of the “Go Green” movement, too. Importantly, it employs the concept of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Certainly, this is where gardeners can make a difference in protecting the environment, and fighting global warming, too And, it extends beyond the world of gardening. Businesses, schools, and, many organizations can practice it. more.

Home garden composting is practiced all year long. Even on the coldest and snowiest days of winter, you can collect organic scraps, Then, you can process the materials when Spring arrives.  It’s the kind of winter gardening activity that makes you anxious for Spring.


What is Compost – And, why you should use it?

How to Use Finished Materials – It has so many uses.

Garden and Landscaping Mulch

The “Go Green” Movement –  Do your part. Pass a healthy planet on to the next generation.

Everyone can Compost – And, you don’t need to be a gardener.

From Raw and Hot Materials to the Finished Product

Techniques on How to Compost

Compost Pile

Types of Garden Compost

Compost Health

Garden Composting Organically


Health Hazards – It’s an important issue, too. Stay healthy as you enjoy your gardening hobby.

Raised Bed Garden Soil – It’s a similar topic, too.

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