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Enjoy Garden Fun from Our Library.

No doubt about it, gardening can be a lot of work. But it’s only work if you look at it that way. The tasks you perform as you participate in any hobby can be considered “work”. However, if you have fun with a hobby, you won’t consider it work. So, join us as we have some garden fun and play in the world of gardening. We have created fun and humorous articles and loads of trivia. The links are below. Take some time out now to have fun and better enjoy our beloved garden hobby!

Apple Trivia – Apples have been around since the original garden, the Garden of Eden.

Bean Trivia – Beans, beans, they’re good for the heart.

Blueberry Trivia – If you’re into eating healthy, you’re eating lots of blueberries.

Hummingbird Trivia – Learn amazing facts about these tiny little birds. 

Kid stuff – Kids and gardens are a healthy combination.

Pumpkin Carving Parties – Halloween fun is not complete without a pumpkin carving party.

Pumpkin Trivia – You’ll be amazed!

The Oscars, pumpkin Style!

Top 10 Signs You Have Gone Over the Garden’s Edge – Do you qualify as a garden fanatic?

Feed the Birds Day – Your backyard birds will thank you. 

Garden Holidays – Don’t miss a single holiday.

Gardening Related Phobias – What are you afraid of? Worms, soil? 

Gardening’s Better Than Sex – This humorous topic needs no further explanation.  

Garden Slogans – Choose a slogan for the upcoming garden season.

Gardening Headlines – “Congress Kills Farmer Bill”. Do they get away with it!?

Garden Thoughts and Quote – Something to think about.

Heavenly Lawns – This classic humor has gone around a few times. 

Honeybee Trivia – How sweet it is!

The Garden Fun Never Ends.......

Hot Pepper Trivia – Some like it hot, some like it hotter.

Houseplant Appreciation Day – Give them the appreciation they deserve.

Kale Eating Contest – Some people must really love this healthy green.

Lilac Sunday – It’s held on a sunny and warm Sunday, with the lilacs in full bloom.

Lilac Trivia – Are lilacs edible? Find out.

Maple Syrup time – The sap is running oh so sweet.

National Kale Day – On this special day, you don’t have to like Kale. So, do you have to eat it?

Popcorn Lover’s Day – It’s for the love of popcorn.

Pumpkinsburg Address – We’re talking patriotic pumpkins.

Pumpkin Carving Parties – It’s loads of fun.

The Declaration of Pumpkindependance – Let freedom ring!

Pumpkin Nook’s Fun Page – Pumpkin Nook is always cooking up something new!

Raisin Trivia – I heard it through the grapevine.

Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Front Porch Day – Do this when you have too much zucchini.

Spuds Trivia – Is there a medicinal use for potatoes? There sure is!

Strawberry Trivia – We’ve preserved some interesting facts.

Tomato Trivia – What do you really know about tomatoes?

Top Ten Signs You Have Too Much Zucchini – It’s the world’s most prolific producer.

World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day – Everyone should participate.

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