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About Lawn Care and Grasses

A green and healthy lawn is an important part of home care, and a big source of pride to homeowners. Some guys (and gals) need to have the absolutely best lawn in the 'hood. Others meanwhile, take the middle ground, with a goal of having the average lawn or better in the neighborhood.

If you are a new "lawn owner", we've got good news. Lawn care is generally an easy task. At first, a little time spent on lawn care, increases it's health and beauty significantly. Everything you do, produces noticeable results. As your desire for a better and better lawn increases, the incremental effort you spend on lawncare also increases, with smaller and less noticeable improvements.

Lawn care starts with healthy soil. Grass grows best in slightly acidic soil in the range of 6-6.5. Your grass also needs a variety of nutrients to grow, and to grow well. If you are starting a new lawn, the best way to find out is to get a soil test. If you are having problems with an established lawn, a soil test is also a good starting place. You can get a soil test through your local Cooperative Extension Service (CES). They can also best advise you of nutrient needs for grasses commonly used in your area.

Did you know? Lawns are very efficient oxygen producers. They are about three times more effective than trees. And, their season to produce oxygen is much longer than trees. Now, that's a breath of fresh air!

A word about Grass Recycling- More and more people are using mulcher mowers. This is a great way to recycle your lawn clippings, by returning nitrogen and other nutrients directly back to your lawn. If you still bag your grass, we recommend, you consider a mulcher mower the next time you buy a lawn mower. In the meantime, recycle your grass clippings, by either spreading it on your vegetable and flower gardens, or mixing it into the compost pile.

About composting lawn grass

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Ornamental Grasses:

They're not the kind of grasses that you broadcast across the front or back yard. Hopefully, you will never run across them with the lawn mower. Rather, Ornamental Grasses are decorative. They look great in the flower garden. They are used to add depth and texture to highlight rock gardens. Some are used in containers, too.  

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Thought for the Day: "All you need to grow fine, vigorous grass, is a crack in your sidewalk." Will Rogers

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