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Cornmeal as Ant and Weed Control

Looking for something organic for ant control around your home or in your gardens? Has crabgrass invaded your lawn, and you're seeking an environmentally friendly way to treat your lawn. Cornmeal is the answer!

Researchers at Iowa State University discovered that cornmeal, a by product of corn wet milling, can control ants, and is an effective pre-emergence crabgrass preventer. Commonly called Corn Gluten Meal  (CGM), it sure beats the environmentally harmful herbicides you've been putting on your lawn every spring. It is also used to feed cattle, fish, and poultry..

In the lawn and garden, cornmeal prevents crabgrass, dandelion, chickweed and some other weeds from sprouting. It is important to note, like chemical pre-emergence herbicides, cornmeal is only effective on weed seeds, keeping them from sprouting. It is applied before the seeds have sprouted and the plant begins to grow. It is not effective against weed plants after that have sprouted.

Important Garden Note: Do not use cornmeal in the garden when planting seeds, until after the plants have sprouted. It can keep some garden seeds from sprouting.

Apply cornmeal in your lawn in early spring. Follow the instruction on the packaging for the most effective use of this organic product.

For controlling ants, spread cornmeal around the outside of your home for safe and effective control. The ants take it back to their nests. They can not digest cornmeal.

Apply cornmeal every 4 weeks, or after a heavy rain.

Did You Know? Counter to what you may have read, cornmeal is not for use as a fungicide.

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