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We commonly use the terms Fall Bulb, Spring Bulb, or Flower Bulb when referring to a wide range of plants for both spring and fall. Most likely you (and I) have collectively referred to these flowers as bulbs. In actuality, many of them come from Corms, Tubers, Tuberous roots, or a Rhizome. Don't know the difference? Don't Care? That's okay. You're in good company. What does matter, is that we plant the flowers that we want to bloom in our home gardens. As we talk about them, we will also refer to them somewhat generically as bulbs too!

If you want to have beautiful, spring flowers like Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths, you have to plant them in the Fall. Planting bulbs is fun. Armed with one tool, a bulb planter, this is a relatively easy and fun task. And, it gets you outdoors during great fall weather.

In general, bulbs should be planted four to six weeks before the first frost in your area. Typically, grown in flowerbed around your house, or trees, flower bulbs prefer full sunlight and well drained, yet moist soil.

Did you know? Flowering bulbs are "Geophytes". This scientific jargon means that they have their growing point below the surface of the soil. Food (energy) is stored in the bulb for use in the spring. Of course, we already knew that!

Speaking the language of bulbs, spring bulbs are planted in the spring. But, they bloom in late summer or Fall. On the other hand, Fall bulbs, like Tulips, are planted in the fall and bloom in the spring.

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