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How to Grow Convallaria  - Lily of the Valley

Looking for an effortless bloomer that will grow where the sun won't shine?  Then, Lily of the Valley is for you.

Lily of the Valley grows well in shady areas. They are a great selection for shade gardens. Native to Asia, Europe and North America, Convallaria plants make great ground cover on the north side of houses and buildings.

Lily of the Valley plants grow 6" high. They bloom in late spring. Most varieties are white. There are less common rose, or pink varieties of this flower. Convallaria's bell shaped flowers produce a strong, pleasant fragrance.

Tip: Try growing Lily of the Valley indoors in the winter. Also see How to force blooms indoors

Did you Know? When in season, Lily of the Valley are popular in wedding bouquets.

Plant Propagation:

Lily of the Valley can be propagated from seed or their rhizomes. Seeds can take months to germinate. So, most people propagate them using the rhizomes.

Dig up rhizomes of established plants  in the Fall, and separate into clumps for re-planting.

How to Grow Lily of the Valley Plants:

Lily of the Valley are very easy to grow. The plants prefer partial shade.

Lily of the Valley plants tolerate poor soils. Like any plant, they will grow better if fertilized. Do so in early spring, and again after the blooms have died off.

Space plants about 12" apart. Over time they will spread out to fill in empty spaces.

The plants like moist soil . Water plants in dry weather.

Divide and separate plants in the Fall: After a few years, the clumps of flowers should be separated. Dig up the rhizomes. Separate the rhizomes into clumps, using a sharp knife. Make sure at least one "eye" is on each segment. Replant the rhizomes, spacing them 12"apart.

Insects and Disease:

You should experience few insect or disease problems with your Convallaria plants.

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