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Growing Spectacular Home Gardens is Our Mission

It’s planting time! This month, the 2024 gardening season shifts into high gear. Our mission is to provide the finest quality home garden “How to Grow” information, tips, growing trivia, and resources. And, we’ve got you covered for growing all of your favorite plants. As a matter of fact, our guide sheets cover everything from seed starting to growing plants, harvesting, storing, and eating the flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables of your labor. Above all, we strive to provide you with the information you need to grow the best garden you can grow! Certainly, you will have a great growing season in 2024.

How to Grow Azalea Bush

Exciting Home Gardening Times

It's a great "stay at home" hobby, with hours of challenging fun.

Spring gardening is in full swing. Home gardeners have their hands in the dirt again. How great is that!? We are planting all sorts of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, too. Perhaps best of all, are the spring flowers in full bloom everywhere you look. Isn’t spring a wonderful time for you and your plants?  Find seeds now!

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The Gardener's Network is the perfect place for you and your plants, the perfect source on how to grow:

Your vegetable garden and flower beds are calling you. With Spring flowers in full bloom, gardeners like you and me are planting all kinds of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
Home Gardeng Encyclopedia

We strive to provide the most in-depth how-to-grow guide sheets and gardening information. Regardless of your experience level, you can learn a few tips and techniques for growing better vegetables, flowers, or herbs. Our garden guides will help you have the best garden you can grow in 2024.

Composting All Year

Composting is an activity that can be practiced all year long. Spring yard clean-up produces plenty of compostable material. Also, continue to diligently collect kitchen scraps to put into your compost heap or composter. 

Avid Gardeners Turn To...

It’s planting time! Proper soil pH is the essential starting point. It’s easy to check your soil’s pH. Next, check your soil fertility. Ample amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and a wide range of micro-nutrients are the “food” your plants need to fuel fast and healthy growth.to plant health.

Lilac Flowers 12-21
Lilacs are one of America's most beloved flowers.

We wait almost a year for these fragrant, flowering bushes to bloom. The long wait is over. They are in full bloom everywhere you go. Now, we celebrate our beloved Lilacs with festivals and plenty of bouquets for the table. Ps. Don’t forget your camera!

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Today's Deep Thought:

"Sow generously and you will reap generously."

Find Seeds Now

The Planting Season Peaks

Spring is in the air virtually everywhere you look. Avid gardeners and homeowners happily get their fingers dirty as they plant all of their favorite plants. If you haven't acquired the seed you need, what are you waiting for!? Tip: Make your 2024 gardening season special. Select some plants to grow that you've never grown before.
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May's Home Gardening 2024 Featured Plants and Articles

A Major Insect Emergence

Massive Cicada Emergence

Large Cicada emergences are a regular occurrence in some parts of the country every year. However, we are not talking about a small number of summer cicadas that keep us awake with their shrill nighttime song. This year is the granddaddy of all annual brood emergences. A 17-year and a 13-year brood will emerge from the ground in May in over 20 states. Trillions (That's right, Trillions) of Cicadas will wreak havoc on small trees and shrubs. The sheer number of cicadas will damage or kill many of them. Also, it will be a major nuisance in affected areas. We encourage you to identify if they will emerge in your area. Then, take steps to protect small trees and shrubs.
More About Cicadas

Homegrown Tomatoes

It's Time to Plant Tomatoes... Maybe

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetable garden plants. Home gardeners will tell you they look forward to that first, juicy homegrown tomato. They put store-bought, greenhouse-grown tomatoes to shame.
Tomato plants are tender annuals. Cold weather can stunt them. Frost and freeze will kill the plants. So, make sure that cold temperatures are no longer in the forecast before planting young transplants into your vegetable garden. And when in doubt, hold off for a few days.

Grow Herbs!

Spice Up Your Life

As you busy yourself planting a wide array of flowers and vegetables, don't forget the group of plants that spice up your life. We're talking about herbs. Most are easy-to-grow plants. Herbs take up little garden space. And, many of them are perennials and grow back year.

Herbs add healthy flavor to the food we eat. They turn bland meals into a culinary delight. And, fresh-cut herbs are far more aromatic and flavorful. If you've never grown herbs before, what are you waiting for!?

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