How to Grow Shrubs and Bushes

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About Growing Shrubs

Growing shrubs is part of every homeowner’s landscape design. Bushes and shrubs are an integral part of landscaping. There is a bush or a shrub for any landscaping designs. If you’re looking for a particular, creative shape, many bushes and shrubs can be cut, trimmed, and sheared into just about any shape imaginable. Just ask the folks at Disneyworld. They have trimmed many arborvitaes into living statues of Mickey Mouse and his pals! Thinking of planting a  new shrub in your yard? See our list of how to grow shrubs below 

As we think about bushes and shrubs, foundation plants first come to mind. We also think of them for use as a hedgerow, or as natural fencing around the perimeter of our yard.

Bushes and shrubs have lots of value and seemingly limitless uses. Among other things, they are used:

  • As an essential part of landscaping yards, parks, and more.

  • To create a natural windbreak.

  • As hedgerows or barriers.

  • To screen or block a view.

  • As an accent to rock gardens, berms,  and landscape plans.

  • For the enjoyment of flowers and their fragrance

Like trees, some bushes are evergreens and others are deciduous.

Exotic shrubs and bushes can really make your yard stand out… in a good way.

How to Grow Azalea Bush

How to Grow Bushes and Shrubs

Looking for information on how to grow a specific bush or shrub? Here are our growing list of shrubs.

Angel’s Trumpet













Rose of Sharon



A Bush or a Shrub

Many people use the terms “bush” and “shrub” interchangeably. Here is the distinction between the two:

A bush is a woody plant. It has many branches, but no central stem. By its pure definition, bushes are not a climbing plants. Bushes are largely annuals. So, climbing roses technically, are not bushes!

A shrub is also a woody plant. It is a perennial. Typically, it is distinguished from a bush by having branches low to the ground.

So, now that you know the difference, call them what you like. Only a botanist will care enough to correct you!

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