How to Grow Holly Shrubs

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About Holly Shrubs

Holly Shrubs are used as a landscape plant around homes and buildings. Growing holly shrubs is easy. It is a low-maintenance plant. The small, white flowers give way to bright red berries.  Christmas Holly is attractive sprigs with berries that are used in seasonal decorating.

Caution: The bright red berries are poisonous. Keep young children and pets away from this plant.

Holly shrubs are a symbol of Christmas. The part of the tree that symbolizes Christmas, is a sprig of prickly green leaves and bright red berries. It can be found from New England and southward, growing across most of the Eastern U.S.

Flower Colors: White

Plant Height: up to 30 feet. 

Other Christmas Plants

In addition to Christmas Holly, there are other plants that symbolize the Christmas holiday season. They include:

Christmas Trees



Christmas Cactus

Holly Shrub Plant Propagation

Holly is grown from seed. The Sow seeds can be sown outdoors or started indoors for transplanting later. 

Most people by small plants at a nursery or garden store. 

Place this plant away from the house, as it can grow very tall.

How to Grow Holly Shrubs

These shrubs grow best in light shade. It will tolerate full sun.

Select a planting site. Dig the hoke. Then, mix a generous amount of compost into the soil before planting.

Plant the shrub in the hole level to where the shrub was before planting.

Fill in the hoke and water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist, for a few weeks to help the plant grow new roots. 

  Apply a general-purpose fertilizer once a month for the first summer.

Ideal Soil pH: 5.0 – 8.0.

Insects and Plant Disease

Holly is susceptible to Winter burn, caused by frozen soil, wind and winter sun.

More on Winter Burn

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