How to Grow Pachysandra Ground Cover Shrubs

Pachysandra Ground Cover

Growing Pachysandra Ground Cover

Pachysandra ground cover plants are very, very easy to grow. They are perhaps the most popular of all landscape plants. Pachysandra is popular in shady areas, on hillsides, and around the foundation of houses and other buildings. Pachysandra shrubs (yes, they are classified as a shrub) are members of the boxwood family. They are evergreens, retaining their leaves all year long. The leaves of this low-growing shrub are a medium to dark green. Small, fragrant white flowers bloom in the summer. This guide on “How to Grow Pachysandra Ground Cover” shows you how to establish and maintain these low-maintenance plants.

There are five species, four of which are native to Aisa. And the fifth species is native to North America. They all have similar traits and are grown in a similar manner. 

Pachysandra plants are deer resistant.

Flower Colors: Small, white-colored, and fragrant

Flowers Bloom: Summer

Plant Height: Depending upon variety, the plant grows 8 to 18 inches tall. Mature plants spread 6 to 12 inches.

Hardiness Zones:  4 –  7

Light Conditions: Partial shade to full shade


Pachysandra Shrub Plant

Pachysandra Shrub Plant Propagation

Pachysandra shrubs are grown from seeds, cuttings, and plant division.

Seeds can be found in online sources. However, most brick-and-mortar stores and garden centers do not carry the seeds.

Rooting cuttings is also another way to propagate these plants. See how to root plants from cuttings.

While the plants tolerate crowding, you can dig up some of the plants to replant elsewhere. Or give some of them to a fellow gardener. See more on plant division.

If you don’t want to start your own plants, you can acquire young pants at your local garden store. This is the most popular way to establish a new area of pachysandra ground cover.

Final Plant Spacing: 12 inches apart.

How to Grow Pachysandra Ground Cover

Pachysandra shrubs are among the easiest plants to grow. Established plants are practically “maintenance-free. 

Select a location that is in partial to full shade. Note: They will grow in full sun, too.

The plants grow in most soils, even clay soil. However, they grow their best in fertile, moist, well-draining soil.

At planting time, provide water regularly for a couple of weeks to help the plant get established. Mature plants are drought tolerant. Water them only during extended droughts. 

Do not give the plants a lot of fertilizer. Apply a light application of fertilizer every two months or less. Some people growing them in fertile soil never fertilize the plants. Too much fertilizer damages the roots.

Prune pachysandra plants as needed, to remove dead leaves and branches.

The plants are somewhat invasive. We recommend garden edging around the planting area. Or dig a trench to contain them.

Ideal Soil pH: 5.5 – 6.5.

Plant Problems

Pachysandra shrubs are rarely bothered by insects or plant disease.

They do not do well in wet soil.

Also, overfertilizing can harm the roots.

These shrubs are deer resistant.

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