Organic Blood Meal Flower Bulb Fertilizer

Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer for Bulbs
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About Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer for Flower Bulbs

Do you know how to fertilize bulbs? Try organic blood meal as a bulb fertilizer. It is one of the most popular fertilizers for homeowners when they plant flower bulbs. Blood meal is made from blood, most often from cows, and usually as a byproduct of slaughterhouses. It is dried and made into a powder that your bulbs and corms will love. This nitrogen-rich fertilizer is most often used when planting bulbs. Also, it works well as a soil amendment for other nitrogen-loving plants. It promotes lush, green foliage.

While organic blood meal is good for your plants, there are a couple of disadvantages. First, it has an offensive smell. Also, it attracts carnivores, including dogs, cats, raccoons, possums, and other meat-eating animals. 

Did You Know? Blood meal is a deterrent for moles, squirrels, and even deer.

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How to Use Blood Meal Fertilizer

Use blood meal as a fertilizer for all of your Spring and Fall blooming flower bulbs and corms. Also, use it on rhizomes.  And, other plants will benefit from using it, too.

When planting bulbs, first dig a hole a little larger than recommended for the bulbs. Next, put some blood meal into the hole. Follow the instructions on the package for the right amount. Then, mix the fertilizer into the soil at the bottom and sides of the hole. Finally, plant the bulb or corm and cover it with soil used to make the hole.

For established plants, sprinkle blood meal around the base of the plant. Then, work it into the soil. Be careful not to disturb the plant roots of the plant. Do this early in the growing season for the plant. Do not use it just prior to blooming as too much nitrogen in the soil can affect the blooms.

Important: Always follow the instructions on the package, as too much nitrogen can harm the plants and result in fewer blooms. And, it can harm the roots of your plants.

This fertilizer is acidic. So, keep an eye on your soil pH level and adjust it as needed.

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