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Tiger Lily Flowers

Perennial, Lilium lancifolium, Hemerocallis Fulva

tiger lily flowers

Most of us refer to the flowers in this picture as an Orange Lily, or a Tiger Lily. But, some people call this Day Lily a "Ditch Lily". It's because this  prolific wildflower is commonly found in ditches around a wide area of America.

There is much confusion about Tiger Lilies. An oriental variety is very similar. The major difference is that the oriental Tiger Lily propagates through a bulbs that forms at leaf axils. The common wildflower Tiger Lily  is a profuse propagator by means of tuberous roots. Both varieties have edible roots and have been used for medicinal purposes. We will focus the remainder of this article on the wildflower variety. 

tiger lilies flower

Did You Know? Tiger Lilies have medicinal uses. They relieve congestion,  and the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.


Dig up and separate tuberous roots. Transplanting is best in spring or fall. Water thoroughly after transplanting roots.

two tiger lily flowers

How to Grow Tiger Lilies:

It's easy to grow these wildflowers. They are at home in nature, or your flower garden.

Plant tuberous roots in groups. They do not mind crowding, and look their best when in bloom in a large, close together patch of bright orange flowers.

Tiger Lilies require little attention. They prefer moist to wet soils. That's why they grow so well in and near ditches. Fertilizer is not needed, except in the poorest of soils. They thrive in most regions of the U.S., and do not require winter protection.

Once established, they will thrive and grow year after year.

Did You Know? Native Americans ate the tuberous roots, baking them as you would potatoes.

Insects and Disease:

Forget about insect and disease problems. This prolific grower sees few problems. If problems do occur the home garden, you can use insecticide or fungicide as needed.

The plants can be bothered by slugs and snails.

tiger lilies


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