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Lawn grasses are generally classified into two groups: warm-weather grasses and cool-weather grasses. Not surprisingly, they are also called “Southern Grasses” and Northern Grasses”. Your local garden store stocks the types of lawn grass seed varieties that are most suitable to your area. They usually offer a variety to fit sunny, shady, or heavy use lawns. Many homeowners opt for a blend of lawn grasses, which will offer a varying degree of benefits.

Did You Know? The grass on golf course greens usually consists of Bentgrass or Bermuda grass.

Warm Weather Southern Grasses

Here are the most common grasses for lawns in hotter, areas of the country:

Zoysia– A tough, heat, and drought-resistant grass. This grass is well suited for high-use areas.

St. Augustine– good for shady areas.


Buffalo Grass– tough and resilient

Bermuda– drought tolerant


Cool Weather Northern Grasses

Here are the most common grasses for lawns in cooler, areas of the country:

Annual Ryegrass– A quick-growing annual lawn grass. Often mixed in with other grasses to get new lawns off to a quick start. Also used as a winter cover on farmlands and gardens, to replenish nitrogen and minimize soil erosion.

Kentucky Bluegrass– By far the most popular for fine-textured, rich-looking lawns.

Annual Bluegrass– not frequently used.

Canada Bluegrass

Creeping Bentgrass– should be mowed below 1/2 inch.

Fine Fescue

Perennial Ryegrass– Quick growing like annual ryegrass, only a tough perennial.

Red Fescue– Grows best in shady areas.

Tall Fescue– Drought tolerant. Also sometimes used in warm-season areas.

Velvet Bentgrass

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