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Treating Lawns in an Organic, Eco-Friendly Manner

Some people care for their lawns organically. They do not use chemicals to treat their lawn for weeds, insects, or when fertilizing. Rather, they use natural, organic fertilizers, and employ techniques that minimize insect and weed problems, without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals leaching through the soil and making their way to creeks and streams.  Indeed, organic lawncare is the way to go.

Did you know? Lawns treated with organic fertilizer stay green, but do not grow as fast. This means a green, healthy lawn, but less mowing…hmmm.

Organic lawn care is environmentally friendly. Chemical lawn care, especially insecticides and weed killers, are harmful to the environment, animals, earthworms, pets, you, and your kids. When people think about the risk to their kids, they often reconsider the use of chemicals in lawn treatment.

Organic chemicals are kind to earthworms. Earthworms are lawns’ friends. They naturally help to aerate the soil and eat thatch, converting it to valuable manure to help replenish the soil. Earthworms are real workhorses in lawns and gardens.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic Lawn fertilizers include fish emulsions, seaweed emulsions, dried cow and poultry manure, and blood meal.  Most garden stores carry organic fertilizers for lawns and gardens.

Organic fertilizers contain less concentrated nitrogen, so you are less likely to burn your lawn. Because they are less concentrated, you should use organic fertilizers a couple of times a year.

The only real disadvantage to organic fertilizers is it costs more. To many people, the additional cost is very acceptable for a healthier climate.

Organic Weed Control

Organic weed control is a function of the health of your lawn and how long it is. A healthy lawn is thick and leaves little room for weeds to grow. The few that do, can often be controlled or eliminated by hand weeding. This is especially true of dandelions.

Sometimes, you can find organic controls like Cornmeal, which keeps weed seeds from sprouting. More on Cornmeal Weed Control.

Did you Know? Dandelions are weeds in the lawn. They are a salad green for the home gardener. It is also used to make Dandelion Wine. More on Dandelions

Organic Insect Control

Organic Insect Control is more problematic. A healthy lawn has few insect problems. Remember, some insects are harmful, while others are beneficial.

One way to control insects is to promote beneficial insects which prey on other insects. A good example of this is Preying Mantis. You can actually buy Preying Mantis and other beneficial insects from garden supply stores.

You should also make sure your lawn is clean of debris where insects can make their home. This includes flower beds and border areas. Eliminating their homes serves them an eviction notice.

More on Organic Insect Control

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