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Fun Facts and Interesting Information About Raisins

Here is a collection of raisin trivia and fun facts:

  • Raisins are made from just one ingredient…… grapes.

  • The word “raisin” comes from the Latin word “racemes”, which means a cluster of grapes or berries.

  • One-half of the supply of raisins comes from California.

  • The color of a raisin is a result of the drying method. For example, sun-dried grapes result in purplish-black raisins.

  • The California Raisins dancers were introduced in 1984 by the California Raisin Industry marketing staff.

  • Those small red raisin boxes are a fond memory of our childhood.

  • The best way to store raisins is to keep them cool. Refrigerate leftover raisins after opening the box.

  • Raisins were commercialized in the U.S. in California in 1873. A freak hot, dry spell caused grapes to wither on the vine. An enterprising grocer in San Francisco advertised them as “Peruvian Delicacies”.

  • Raisins are all-natural, cholesterol and fat-free, and are low in sodium. In other words, they are good for you!

  • It takes four tons of grapes to produce one ton of raisins.

  • Fresno, California is the “Raisin Capital of the World”.

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