What is Humus?

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Defining Organic Humus

Humus is good for your garden soil and your plants. People are often confused about garden Humus. Especially confusing, is when contrasting it to compost. So, let’s take away your confusion by defining Humus.

Let’s start by understanding what compost is. Compost is decomposed plant matter, that is rich in nutrients and minerals. After applying compost in your garden, it gives up its nitrogen, phosphorous and other nutrients, slowly leaching them into the soil. Despite being “decomposed”, the compost breaks down further. What remains is soft, garden it for you.

Organic humus does not have the mineral and nutritional content to feed your plants. But, this remnant of the decomposition process is still a very good soil conditioner. It improves the structure of the soil, helping to keep the soil loose. It also retains water in the soil.

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