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Using Compost as Garden Mulch

There is probably no better mulch for use around your plants, than properly decomposed, organic garden compost. Many gardeners consider it the best, and only, mulch to use.

Garden compost provides all of the benefits of any other mulches. In addition, it is organic, it feeds your plants, and as it breaks down, it conditions your soil. Here's another great benefit...... it's free!

The only downside to using compost as a mulch, is that it breaks down into the soil somewhat quickly. You may have to apply a second application during the growing season. In the vegetable garden, many gardeners see the quick breakdown of compost as an advantage, as cleanup in the fall is easier..... just till the remaining compost / mulch into your garden.

How to Use Compost as Mulch

Use nutrient rich garden compost for mulching around all of your plants, like you would with any other mulch.

  • First, weed around your plants.

  • Then, apply a thick layer of compost around the plants. As long as the materials in the compost have decomposed, you can spread the compost right up to the plant's stem.

  • Apply a second layer later in the season, if needed.

  • That's all there is to it!

Mulching Compost Tip: Make sure the materials are properly decomposed. Proper decomposition will kill weed seeds and pathogens in the raw materials. More on How to Compost

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