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Garden Mulch

Garden mulch is an absolutely fantastic gardening material. Mulch is defined as just about any material that covers the ground around your plants.  Mulch can be organic, or inorganic. It is beneficial for strong and healthy plants. It significantly increases the productivity of your garden. And, it saves you time, effort and money. There is a wide variety of mulches, for a wide range of uses.

What is Mulch?

Garden mulch is any material placed on top of the soil around the plants in your garden, as a protective covering for the purpose of:

  • Reducing weeds around plants

  • Increasing or decreasing soil temperature

  • Retaining soil moisture around the plant

  • Some mulches feed plants as it decomposes.

  • Mulches can be organic or in-organic. We hope you choose organic mulches, whenever possible.

  • Creating a more attractive appearance. This gets you praise from family, friends and gardening buddies!

Organic versus In-Organic Mulches

Mulches can be organic such as compost, wood chips, grass clippings, pine needles, or hay. The benefit of organic mulch, is that it also enriches the soil. We recommend using organic mulches wherever possible.

Or, mulches can be inorganic such as black plastic, newspaper, or even aluminum foil. Inorganic mulch provides no benefit to the composition of your garden soil. In addition, some inorganic mulch, like plastic, can be harmful,  leaching chemicals into your garden soil.

Do You Have Seplophobia? If you do, stay away from the compost pile!! This is the fear of decaying matter.

How to Use Mulch:

It a cinch!

just spread the mulching material around any and all of your plants.

When using organic mulch, apply a thick layer, so weeds find it next to impossible to emerge from under the mulch.

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