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"Go Green" Movement and Composting

Just what is the "Go Green" movement, and how does it apply to the world of gardening and composting?.

The Go Green movement recognizes that we only have one earth, and we need to take care of it. It means doing everything we can to protect the Earth and promote a healthy environment.

Composting is about as environmentally friendly as it gets. Of course the materials you use need to be organic, and chemical free.

Following the Boy Scout  Motto, we should seek to "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle", as the earth's resources are limited. Composting is a perfect fit with this motto.

Here are some ideas, focusing upon composting:

  • Compost plant, vegetation, kitchen scraps and everything that can be composted, so we send less to the waste stream. You'd be amazed at what can be composted, much of which still finds its way to a landfill.

  • Use organic fertilizers - throw away the chemical fertilizers. Compost can provide much of nutrients your plants need. 

  • Apply a layer of compost or mulch around plants to help retain water. This translates to less use of water resources.

  • Don't bag those grass clippings and set them out for the trash pick up. Either compost them yourself, or  take them to a town recycling center. Ditto, for fall leaves.

  • Encourage your local government to start or expand recycling centers to create compost leaves and yard waste.

  • Encourage businesses and especially schools and restaurants to start a composting program.


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