Everyone Can Compost Anywhere

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Anyone Can Compost Wherever You Live

It’s a fact! Anyone can compost wherever they live. And, everyone should get into the practice of composting all organically recyclable materials. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or a city. Composting projects are popping up everywhere.

Compost is valuable to gardeners and homeowners. And, it is good for the environment. Even if you do not garden, you can participate by collecting compostable materials and giving them to someone who composts. Let’s all do our part to keep valuable organic materials out of the waste stream.

Rural Country Settings

It’s a “slam dunk” to compost in rural areas. You’re out in the country and vegetation is plentiful. There’s plenty of room to place a compost pile and let nature decompose the material over time.

The pile is not unsightly at all out in rural areas. Rather, you expect to see it near country gardens. You will also see many compost bins, barrels, and a fair number of composters. 

Composting in the Suburbs

Home gardeners generally know and appreciate the value of compost for their gardens. So, most home gardeners practice composting in some form.

Because they are in the suburbs, a composter, a compost bin, or a barrel is usually utilized. It is neater, and more eye-appealing than a pile of half-decomposed matter lying around to attract vermin. It also helps to keep other animal pests out.

People in suburban settings increasingly show concern for the environment, and try to “Go Green“. This translates to the creation of composting programs at restaurants, businesses, and schools.

In addition, many local towns have recycling programs where, leaves, grass, and other lawn and garden waste can be recycled. Often the finished material is made available to residents at no cost. Some municipalities will even deliver truckloads of compost, and even wood chips, to residential homes. If your local town does not have a recycling program, get active and urge them to begin one.

Composting in City and Urban Areas

Truly, anyone can participate in composting.

If you have a small city-sized yard, think small. Buy a small composter or compost bin. It can be as small as a five-gallon bucket. Whatever you use, it should have a secure lid or cover, to keep rodents and other pests out.

If you are an apartment dweller, look for places where you can take your kitchen scraps for recycling. There are many city gardening groups, that will take your compostable materials.

You can also get active in encouraging businesses, restaurants, and schools to begin recycling programs. This can become a great place to take your compostable waste.

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