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Compost Activator and Inoculator

The purpose of compost Activators and Inoculators, is to help speed the decomposition process. They do so, by adding nitrogen and microbes, two things essential to decomposition.

What is a Compost Activator

Compost Activators are basically a dose of nitrogen, with lesser amounts of other nutrients. Micro-organisms that break down compost, need both nitrogen and carbon.

A slow acting compost pile usually lacks nitrogen, provided by green, nitrogen bearing materials. 

If your compost pile is decomposing at a reasonable rate, no additional nitrogen is needed. If it is decomposing slowly, you need to add more green materials.

Sometimes, for example in the Spring, there is not a lot of green materials to add to the compost pile. Compost Activator is useful in these situations.

Most of the year, however, green compost materials are readily available, and you do not need to purchase Compost Activator. To speed up decomposition, just add more green materials and mix them in. Fresh cut grass, is the perfect addition. Mix it into the existing compost.

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What is Compost Inoculator

Compost Inoculators add microbes to compost. The micro-organisms break down compost materials.

Microbes exist naturally in compost materials. If you feel your composting project needs, more, simply add a few shovels of garden soil into the compost materials.

We do not recommend spending your hard earned money on Inoculators. Why pay to add more microbes, when, you can do so with a shovelful of dirt!?

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