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About Sources of Compost Materials

Just look around. Compost material sources are everywhere you look. That makes collecting compost materials pretty easy. There is a tremendous number of sources for collecting compostable materials. Begin by looking around your home and property, both outside and inside. Now, before you go too far in your search to fill your composters, find out What to Compost. Armed with this information, you can begin collecting compost materials in ample quantities. 

Compost Material Sources

Your yard and garden are great places to begin your search for things, to add to your compost pile. With very few exceptions, almost all of the vegetation in your yard and garden, are excellent for composting.

For the exceptions, see What Not to Compost

Indoor, your kitchen is a year-round treasure trove of compostable materials. Almost all kitchen scraps, except meat, are compostable. There’s little need for a garbage disposer when you collect kitchen scraps for your compost project. This is such a rich source of compostable material, manufacturers have made available an indoor home compost can just for this purpose!

Friends and neighbors are also a good source of more materials. Simply ask friends and family, if they will collect plant waste, and give it to you. Chances are, they are eager to do their part in saving the environment. Just get them started, and you may find they have more than you can handle.

In the community restaurants, schools and businesses are additional sources of compost material. Coffee shops are usually happy to give you their coffee grounds. Restaurants and school and business cafeterias have huge amounts of waste. It may be a little difficult at first, to convince them to separate compostable water from non-compostable waste. But, many of these sources “come around”, especially if you put a little pressure on them and use the “Go Green” phrase. Grocery stores are another potential source. They have plenty of scraps and spoiled foods, including bread.

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