Composting Do's and Don'ts

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Composting What to Do and What Not To Do

Listed below are some of the Composting Do’s and Don’ts to help you quickly and efficiently compost:

Composting Do's

  • Stir the pile frequently, to maximize air penetration.

  • Keep the pile moist.

  • Chip or shred larger branches and plant stalks. The more surface area bacteria has to work with, the quicker the decomposition.

  • Use garden, yard, and kitchen plant wastes.

  • Keep materials loose, to allow air circulation

  • Use a variety of organic materials

  • Put worms in an open compost pile, but not a compost barrel, bin, or tumbler. The high heat will kill them.

Composting Don'ts

  • Do not put animal remains meat, or fats in the pile. They attract unwanted “critters”.

  • Do not put grass clippings too thickly, they smell as they decay.

  • Do not put diseased plants of any kind, into the compost pile. Plant disease over-winters in a pile, and re-infests your garden next year.

  • Do not include any inorganic material in the compost.

  • Do not use materials that have been treated with any kind of chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.).

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