Deer Resistant Flowers and Shrubs

Daffodils Deer Resistant

Deer Resistant Flowers and Plants - The List is Long

When it comes to protecting plants from deer, vegetable gardeners have the edge. They can put up a fence. A flower gardener cannot put up a fence, without taking away from the beautiful garden he or she is trying to create. As a result, gardeners and homeowners often turn to grow deer resistant flowers and deer resistant flowering shrubs.

Thankfully, there are many flowers and plants that deer leave alone. If deer are a real nuisance in your area, consider growing the flowers listed below.

Note: Deer generally avoid plants on this list. However, when food is very scarce, and the deer are faced with starvation, you may occasionally see deer make a meal of some of these plants.

List of Deer Resistant Flowers, Deer Resistant Shrubs and Plants

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