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Growing Eranthis / Winter Aconite

Perennial, Renunculaceae

Eranthis is an early spring bloomer, one which you might see bloom amidst the receding snow. Also called Winter Aconite, this low growing perennial will brighten up the thawing landscape, with yellow or white blooms. Eranthis is native to Asia and Europe.

Try growing these miniature flowers singly, or en masse in your flowerbed. They also look great in borders, rock gardens, along walkways, or naturalized,

Looking for a deer resistant flower? Deer will not bother your Winter Aconites.

Did You Know? Eranthis is the Greek word for "spring flower".

Propagation of Eranthis Plants:

Eranthis flowers are propagated by tubers. If you do not have any Eranthis, then, a trip to your local garden store for tubers is in order. Plant new tubers 2-3 inches deep in late summer or in the fall.

You can also propagated plants by division. Dig them up after  the blooming period, divide the tubers into clumps, and replant them in their new home. If you have extra, gardening friends will love Winter Aconite. Give them a clump or two.

How to Grow Eranthis:

Eranthis is easy to grow. They will do well in shady areas, with preferred light levels ranging from full sun to partial shade. Try growing them under deciduous trees, where little else will grow after the leaves of the tree return the area to heavy shade.

Garden Tip: Soak tubers overnight in water.

The plants do best in cold, moist, rich soil.

After the blooming period, allow the plant to continue to grow, to "re-charge " the tubers for next year. After the plant has died back, you can remove the dead leaves. But, do not disturb the tubers.

Flowers Bloom: Late winter to very early spring, shortly after the soil begins to thaw.

Insect and Disease:

Winter Aconite seldom has problems with insects or plant disease.


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