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How to Grow Daisies

Shasta Daisy Flowers

Annuals and Perennials, Chrysanthemum maximum (Asteraceae)

Daisies are an easy to grow perennial, that brightens the flower garden, and is great for indoor vases and arrangements.  While there are dozens of varieties of daisies, the most popular are the Shasta Daisy (shown above), Painted Daisy, and African Daisies. Daisies are among the most popular of flowers of both gardeners. And they are perfect for beginning gardeners and those whose thumb is not too green!

We consider these flowers among the best for kids and beginners.

Plant Height: from just 6 inches to 3 feet, depending upon variety.

Common varieties of Daisies :
  • Shasta Daisy -  perhaps the most popular, a perennial

  • Gloriosa Daisies - They are daisy-like. But, they are not daisies.

  • Painted Daisy

  • African Daisy (an Annual)

  • Pyrethrum Daisies

  • Many, many other varieties

How to Grow Daisies:

Daisies are among the easiest of plants to grow. Annuals will bloom in the first year. For perennials, start Daisy seeds in year one, and they will bloom the second and each following year. You can also divide and separate them as a planting gets too dense and thick. Do this every three or four years and they will reward you with bigger blooms. If you do not do this, the plants will begin to crowd each other out, competing for nutrients and the blooms will be smaller.

Daisies like rich, well drained soil and full sunshine. But, they are a hardy and forgiving plant. They will readily tolerate poorer soils and partial shade. They need little attention during the year. A little general purpose fertilizer in the early growth stage will help the plants to develop big and strong stalks and leaves. Just before blooming, provide a fertilizer high in Phosphorous to help promote big, bright blooms.

Staking plants is sometimes required, especially is grown in partial shade.

Did You Know? Daisies can be found growing on every continent in the world, except Antarctica.

Days to Germination: 10 - 21 days, depending upon variety

Flowers Bloom: Summer to Fall

Insects and Disease:

Daisies seldom are bothered by insects and disease. Generally, these plants do not need insecticides or fungicides. On rare occasion where insects or disease are a problem, treat them with an insecticidal soap and /or fungicide at the earliest sign of trouble.

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