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How to Grow Snapdragon Flower Plants


Snapdragons are native to the Mediterranean. But, we are sure glad someone brought them over here! They are a favorite flower for cutting and for its fragrance. Strong-stemmed spikes are tightly packed with large "dragons" in white, yellow, purple, crimson, bronze, and pink, in a range of hues. Long lasting flowers are so profuse, that they can hide the leaves at peak bloom.

Snapdragon plants are an easy to grow annual. Most varieties are early summer bloomers. Plants often wilt in the mid-summer's heat, but should perk back up and bloom again in cooler fall weather. Grows 1 1/2' to 3' tall.

Snapdragons are excellent in beds, edgings, and containers. Try them in rock gardens or window gardens too. They are a popular cut flowers for bouquets and vases.

Snapdragons attract hummingbirds.

Plant Height: Smaller varieties- 6"; larger varieties 24" - 30"

Plant Propagation:

Snap Dragon are grown from tiny seeds. Snapdragon seeds take about three weeks or more to germinate. This is the only difficult thing about Snapdragons, and causes many a gardener to get seedlings at their nearest garden store. But if you are up to the challenge, try germinating them yourself indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area.

Tip: A germination mat really helps germination for this plant.

Days to Germination: 10 - 21

How to Grow Snapdragon Plants:

Snapdragon plants grows best in full sun. They will grow well in average soil. Soil should be well draining.

Add a general purpose fertilizer before planting if the soil is poor.

Plant Snap Dragons outdoors after the last frost for your area. Fertilize once a month. Flowers will bloom in June. After the flowers have died off, cut the plant back to about six inches. Then add some general purpose fertilizer. This will promote new growth and a second bloom.

Snapdragons are very hardy. They can withstand a heavy frost. So, if your plant is still blooming in the fall, do not be too quick to clean up the flower garden.

Flowers Bloom: Summer thru Fall

Insect and Disease:

Insect and disease problems are not too common. If insect or disease problems occur, treat early with organic or chemical insect repellents and fungicide.

More Information:

How to Grow Snapdragon Plants - from Garden Hobbies


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