How to Grow Scabiosa Flowers, Pincushion

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About Growing Scabiosa Plants in Your Home Flower Garden

Scabiosa flowers, commonly called Pincushion Flower, are attractive and popular flowers. The common name “Pincushion Flower” comes from the appearance of the flower. The center of the bloom resembles a pin cushion. And, the stamen in the center looks like pins. If you’ve ever grown Scabiosa plants before, you are in for a real treat. Use this guide on “How to Grow Scabiosa Flowers”. Then, get growing a very beautiful bloomer!

Scabiosa flowers are native to Asia and Europe. The plants have lush, gray to blue-green, evergreen foliage. Delicate flowers will bloom from spring through mid-fall if you deadhead spent blooms. Flowers grow atop tall, strong stems, making them good-cut flowers. They also make good dried flowers.

Flower colors include: white, blue, pink, red, violet, and yellow.

Grow Scabiosa in small groupings in flower beds, as borders, as a container plant, and in rock gardens.

Scabiosa attracts butterflies.

Flowers Bloom: Usually, late spring to early Summer. Deadhead flowers to extend the blooming period.

Flower Colors: Burgundy, cream, lavender, pink, red, white.

Plant height: 2 to 3 feet tall.

Plant Hardiness Zones: 3 – 7

Perennials and Annuals, Scabiosa Caucasica

Scabiosa Plant Propagation

Pincushion Flowers are grown from seeds. With a long germination period, we recommend starting them indoors, 4-6 weeks before the last frost in your area.

Note: For indoor starts, we recommend using a heated germination mat, to increase the speed of germination. And, it, results in a higher germination rate.

You can also directly sow seeds outdoors after the danger of frost has passed, and the soil begins to warm. Plant the seeds no more than 1/4″ deep. Then, mark the planting site, as it will take a while for the seeds to sprout.

After 3-4 years, Scabiosa plants should be divided and replanted in the spring.  If the plant is not divided, production will dwindle, and the plant will die. Dig up the crown. Cut or break the crown into 3 parts. Then, replant. Or, give some to an appreciative gardening buddy.

Final Plant Spacing: Space plants 12 inches apart.

Days to Germination: Seeds sprout in 10 – 30 days.

About Seed Germination

How to Grow Scabiosa Flower Plants

Plants are easy to grow. They need little attention during the year. Plants do not like cold or hot, humid weather.

Grow plants in full sun to light shade.

Scabiosa plants like rich, organic, well-drained soil.  Ideal soil pH: 6.0 – 7.5.

Mix compost into the planting site, when first planting or when dividing and replanting the crown.

Keep soil moist, not wet. Apply extra water during droughts and hot weather.

Fertilize once in the spring with a general-purpose fertilizer, after plants have begun to grow. Fertilize again in early summer.

Mulch around plants to keep weeds down, and for a neat and tidy appearance.

Deadhead spent blooms as soon as they have died off. This will prompt the plant to produce new blooms all season long.

Ideal Soil pH: 5.0 – 7.5.

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Insects and Plant Disease

Pincushion Flowers seldom are bothered by insects and disease. Generally, these plants do not need insecticides or fungicides.

If insect or disease problems occur, treat them early with insecticidal soap and /or fungicide.

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