How to Grow Indian Pipe Flower

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About Growing Indian Pipe Wildflower in Your Home Garden

The Indian Pipe Flower is a strange plant indeed. As its name implies, this plant produces flowers, that look like a smoking pipe. The pipe-like flower is white.  The flowers bloom from June to September.  Also called the “Ghost Plant”, it has tiny, scale-like white leaves, that turn black when the plant gets old.

The plant is a parasite, It does not produce chlorophyll, so, it relies on other plants for the nutrients it needs. It is often mistaken for fungi. The plants grow in shady woodlands, in moist, rich soils with lots of decaying plant matter.

Other names: Ghost Plant, Ghost Flower.

Indian Pipe Flower Plant Propagation

The flowers release tiny seeds into the wind. This allows the plant to spread far and wide.

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