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How to Grow and Care for Snow in Summer

Snow in Summer flower plant

Perennial, Cerastium

Snow in Summer really puts on a display. They are a favorite for rock gardens. Small plants grow just six to eight inches. But, they certainly are attractive. It's silvery gray leaves, give way to a profusion of white blooms in late spring to early summer.

Snow-In-Summer has wooly, silvery gray-green leaves. It's attractive, even when not in bloom. This native of Italy, produces mounds of flowers in May-June. The profusion of white booms mounded atop the plant, gives it it's name.

Other Names: Snow-in-Summer is also known as Cerastium, Mouse Ear, Chickweed, and Silver Carpet.  

Snow In Summer is common in rock gardens, and as a ground cover. Many people also use it as border edgings, or along sidewalks. Because it can be invasive, you may have to control the spread of this plant, if you grow it in your flower garden along with other flowers. These small plant look their best in the front of the flower garden.

Plant Propagation:

Snow-In-Summer are grown from seeds. They can be directly seeded into your flower garden, or seeded indoors for transplanting later. Sow seeds early in the season and cover lightly with 1/8" of fine garden or seed starting soil.

Seeds have a long germination period, requiring two to three weeks. For indoor starts, try a seedling germination mat.

Established plants can be propagated by plant division or from cuttings in the spring.

Ideal plant spacing is 12" -24".  Snow in Summer plants will spread out to form a loose mat, filling in the space between plants.

How to Grow Snow In Summer:

Snow in Summer plants are easy to grow. Grow Snow in Summer in full sun. Plants will tolerate a light or partial shade. They prefer rich, loose soil that drains well. Keep soil moist during germination.

Snow in Summer is drought and heat tolerant plant. It prefers slightly dry soil. Water only during the hottest, driest period of summer. Add a general purpose, high nitrogen fertilizer when first planting, to help them to get a good start. Add a high Phosphorous fertilizer just before blooming.

Snow in Summer flowers will bloom in the spring of the second year after planting, and every year afterward. Prune plant and remove dead flowers after blooms have died, to give the pant a clean, healthy look, and to promote new plant growth. With a little care, established plants will thrive for many years.

Snow In Summer can be an invasive plant..... spreading beyond it's intended garden space. You may want to contain it's sprawl, by using a border edging that is dug 3" - 5" below the surface of your soil.

Snow in Summer plants are hardy, and will survive light frosts before going dormant for the winter months. 

Insect and Disease:

Snow in Summer is seldom bothered by insects or disease. Apply insecticide or fungicide as needed.


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