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How to Grow and Care for African Violets

African Violet Flower Plant

African Violets are relatively easy to grow. As one of the more popular indoor house plants, African Violets are long lasting. Their sometimes shy blooms, are long lasting, often lasting for several weeks.

How to Grow African Violet Plants:

This plant likes lots of sunshine. Place them in a sunny window, but avoid hot rays coming in during summer months. Also, avoid placing them near frosty windows in winter months. Provide artificial lighting, if little sunshine is available.

Soil and Fertilizers: Most garden stores carry an African Violet soil mix and fertilizers, which have been formulated specifically for these plants. The fertilizers are higher in Phosphorous to help promote blooming. Avoid overwatering them. Use a planter with openings at the bottom, to allow good drainage.

Tip: If you are having problems blooming, check the fertilizer you are using. Avoid high Nitrogen formulas.

Watering: Always water them from the bottom up, and never let the leaves get wet. Water the plants every three days, if they need it. They like their water warm, not cold. If watering from the top, be careful not to get water on the leaves, as they will spot.

Temperatures: Ideal temperatures for African Violets are 75 degree days and 60- 70 degree nights.

Propagating African Violets -  African Violets are commonly propagated by rooting leaf cuttings. Find Out How


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