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How to Grow and Care for Canterbury Bells

Biennial, Campanula Medium

Canterbury Bells are an easy to grow flowers, that will reward you with elegant, showy blooms. This flower is a biennial. To have yearly blooms, it is important to continually plant these flowers each year.

Canterbury Bells produce  bell-shaped flower blooms up to 2 inches across in the summer of the second year after planting. Colors include pink, white, purple, lavender, blue, and violet.

Plant Height: 18" - 36"

Plant Propagation:

Canterbury Bells plants are grown from seeds. Sow seeds early in the season. Or, start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost in your area.

To have continuous blooms every year, allow some of the flower seed pods to mature, and the seed fall to the ground to re-seed the flower bed.

Days to Germination: 14 - 21

How to Grow Canterbury Bells Flowers:

Grow Canterbury Bells plants in full to partial sun. Plants prefer cooler weather. If grown in warmer, southerly areas of he country, provide afternoon shade or filtered sunlight.

The plants prefer rich, moist soil that is well drained.

For best flower production, fertilize every month or two during the growing season.

Mulch around plants for a neat and tidy appearance, and to keep competing weeds down.

Flowers Bloom: Summer

Insect and Disease:

Canterbury Bells  plants have few insect and disease problems.


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