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Outdoor Storage Containers- Deck Boxes, Storage Box, and Sheds

Gardeners, homeowners and backyard enthusiasts love outdoor tools and equipment. The more avid the gardener, the larger the gardens. The larger the yard and gardens, the more tools and equipment. More garden and backyard gear, translates into even larger outdoor storage needs, to keep your tools and equipment protected from the environment, organized, and easily accessible.

Outdoor storage is not just for lawn and garden equipment. Deck Boxes, Deck Box, Storage Box, and sheds in all sorts of shapes and sizes, are available for every outdoor storage need. There's even a Balcony Box for those with limited space, on a balcony or deck. It's a great place to store your grill tools.

Tip: When selecting outdoor storage containers, make sure to identify the "inside" dimensions, so you'll be certain your larger equipment fits inside. This is usually described as either the "inside dimensions" or "capacity".

Outdoor Storage Considerations:

  • Shape of large tools and equipment.

  • Inside dimensions of the storage or deck box.

  • Durability

  • Space and location where the outdoor storage unit will fit

  • Select a size with room to grow. Chances are, you will add to your tool and equipment inventory.

Did You Know? Most outdoor storage containers and deck boxes, are taupe colored. Manufacturers migrated to this color for two reasons:

  1. Dark colors get too hot, especially in southern areas of the country.

  2. White shows every mark and speck of dust.

Important Tip: Most plastic outdoor storage sheds and outdoor boxes are not waterproof or airtight. Do not store electronics equipment in them.

Suncast Deck Box - Suncast is the top brand name in outdoor storage containers.

Suncast Deck Box

Suncast Deck Boxes are useful for a wide range of applications. They are attractive, durable, and long lasting. Some deck boxes have wheels, making them easily portable. It's called a deck box, but they are often strategically placed in the backyard, or right by the vegetable garden, so your tools will be handy when you need them. They are often used as a pool deck box, too.

Gardener's love Suncast outdoor deck boxes, to store tools, work gloves, and small equipment. Homeowners find loads of storage space for lawn and yard tools. It fits plenty of kids' toys and pet toys. Pool owners find deck boxes popular, to store pool toys and accessories. Truck owners often place them inside of their open bed truck, to store tools and gear. 

When selecting a Suncast deck box, a key decision is capacity requirements.

Deck box

A sampling of popular sizes(from smallest to largest):

Deck Box (DB5000) - Outside: 41" W x 21" D x 22" H; Inside Capacity: 50 gallon, 6.8 cubic feet, 37.125" W x 17" D x 19" H.

Outdoor Deck Box(DB7000) - Outside: 46" W x 22" D x 23" H; Inside Capacity: 73 gallon, 9.75 cubic feet, 42" W x 19.5" D x 21" H.

Outdoor Deck Box with Wheels(DB7000B) - Outside: 46" W x 22" D x 23" H; Inside Capacity: 73 gallon, 9.75 cubic feet, 42" W x 19.5" D x 21" H.

Deck Box with Wheels, Colored Lid(DB8000, DB8000B) - for those who want a little color- a green or a bronze lid. Outside: 46" W x 22" D x 23" H; Inside Capacity: 73 gallon, 9.75 cubic feet, 42" W x 19.5" D x 21" H.

Extra Large Deck Box(DB9000) - Outside: 53 1/2" W x 27 1/2" D x 24" H; Inside Capacity: 99 gallon, 49 1/2" W x 23" D x 20" H.

Extended Deck Box/Seat(DB9750) -  Dual functionality, serves as a seat and as a storage box.. Outside: 53" W x 29" D x 27 1/2" H; Inside Capacity: 52" W x 26" D x 22 3/4" H.

Note: The above models are the most popular ones. There are several more models available.

Suncast Balcony Box

Patio box    Patio box interior

Balcony boxes take little space. They are usually taller, perfect for storing your balcony or deck tools, outdoor equipment, etc.

Size: 28 7/8" W x 20 5/8" D x 30 3/8" H.

Capacity: 26 3/4" W x 16 1/4" D x 27" H

Storage and Seating

These units are built for storage, and are designed strong enough for seating.

Suncast Deck box seat    Patio Bench & Storage Box(PB6700) -  Dual functionality, serves as a seat and a storage box. Outside: 52 3/4" W x 21" D x 34 1/2 H; Inside Capacity: 50 gallon, 6.6 cubic feet, 47 3/4" W x 17 1/2" D x 16 1/2" H.

Suncast storage seat   Storage Seat(SS1000) -  Perfect for decks, small areas, and by the herb garden. Outside: 22 1/2" W x 17 1/2" D x 22 1/2" H; Inside Capacity: 22 gallon, 20 3/4" W x 15 3/4" D x 15 1/2" H.

Storage Sheds

Tall or long plastic sheds to fit your gardening and backyard equipment.

Vertical shed     Vertical Storage Shed(GS1250) -  For storing a wide range of long handled tools. Outside: 2' 7" W x 2' 1" D x 6'H; Inside Capacity: 20 cubic feet, 2' 3" W x 1' 7" D x 5' 8" H.

Horizontal shed   Horizontal Storage Shed(GS1000) -  One of the most popular styles and sizes on the market. Outside: 4' 6" W x 2' 2" D x 2' 10" H; Inside Capacity: 20 cubic feet, 4' 2" W x 1' 10" D x 2' 6" H.


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