Garden Diaries to Grow Better Next Year

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About Keeping a Garden Diary

Keeping a garden diary or a garden log, you ask!?! Why would I want to spend time doing that? The answer is simple. The information that your diary does not contain, can be invaluable!

While the snow flies during those long winter months, you can peruse your diary as you dream about the upcoming season. In it, you will find the ups and downs of last season…now so long ago.

The smart home gardener that you are, will then study how your home garden reacted to the various efforts and attention you gave it. What you will likely do next, is think about what you will do differently, to make this year’s crop, much more successful. Often, this causes you to identify something you did not do or did not do right. Hence, your diary pays you dividends in what is not included in it!

Garden Diaries Record What Went Right, and What Went Wrong

Are you looking to grow a better garden this year? It doesn’t matter what you are growing. Keep a garden log, so you repeat last year’s successful steps and processes. And, you can avoid last year’s mistakes.

Here is an example of garden diaries that help to grow better year after year.

Grower’s Garden Diary for Growing Hops

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