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Protect Young Plants with Garden Cold Frames

For cold and frosty weather, a garden cold frame is just what you and your plants need. Also called a Coldframe, they protect plants during cold spring or fall weather. They extend the garden growing season, allowing you to get a safe “jump-start” for your seedling transplants. They also extend the harvest of frost-sensitive plants in the Fall.

Garden cold frames are the perfect place to harden off transplants, before planting. Hardening off transplants is the process of preparing your indoor plants starts, to get them ready for transplanting outdoors. About Hardening Off transplants.

In some areas, they are used to over-winter potted container plants.

Types of Garden Cold Frames

Cold Frame Single

Cold Frames extend the gardening season spring and fall. Start seedlings outdoors in the coldframe, weeks before the last frost. Sturdy, aluminum frame with polycarbonate panels.

Cold Frame Double

This cold frame doubles the space for your seedlings and transplants.  Garden Coldframe reviews, rate it the most popular size and brand on the market.

Frost Jacket

Frost Jackets are a one plant coldframe. Also called a garden tepee, it can be used weeks before the last spring frost. Set it up around a plant, and fill it with water. The water absorbs heat from the sun during the day and releases it to the plant at night.





Greenhouse System

The Guarden greenhouse system is a greenhouse and a cold frame. It’s a raised bed frame, too. Plant seeds in this protected, greenhouse environment. When the weather warms, easily remove the cover and grow plants all season, utilizing the benefits of a raised bed, without transplanting. Place the cover back on in late fall, to extend the harvest.

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