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Rock Garden Planter

All Kinds of Outdoor Garden Planters

Garden planters and plant containers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Flower planters and vegetable planters are made of all sorts of materials, including ceramic, clay, plastic, glass, metal, and wood. There are indoor planters and outdoor planters. There are window planters, too. In other words, there is an outdoor garden planter that is just right for you and your plants.

Planter boxes are perfect for a patio, balcony, or deck. They are exceptional for container gardening, temporary planting, and landscaping. You can simply pick them up and move them elsewhere, as needed. And, let’s not forget the ever-popular window box planter.

Garden planters and containers are extremely popular. Chances are, you have several inside and outside of your home….most people do. The typical American home has several indoor houseplants, a hanging flower basket or two (or three, or…), and a couple of flower pots on their patio or deck. You may even have a windowsill planter. You just might be surprised at the number of planters you already own. If you already have a lot of them, there is always room for more!

Choosing a Garden Planter

Selecting a garden planter is a matter of personal taste, the type of plants you wish to grow, and the area or space you have available.

A good planter has bottom holes for drainage of excess water. And, there should be a saucer underneath, to capture excess water. This is a necessity if the planter is for indoor use.

Did you know? Indoor house plants are good for your health in a variety of ways:

  • Gardening is therapeutic, and that extends to houseplants, too.

  • Plants consume carbon dioxide and give off oxygen…. for you!

  • Gardening is a great and relaxing hobby.

  • Some people grow vegetables and herbs indoors to save money, and because it’s fun.

  • And, simply, indoor plants make us feel good!

Learn about Houseplants

Selecting Plants for Garden Planters

You might be amazed at what people have grown, in a planter or container. Avid gardeners and homeowners have planted everything from tiny plants (I.e.. Bonsai) to shrubs and trees. While success is more likely with smaller plants, growers find that almost anything is “worth a try”.

Chances are you’ve seen a tree grown in a huge pot at a shopping mall. Perhaps, you are one of many who have grown a Rubber Plant indoors to more than a story tall. Or maybe, you’ve planted Lilacs, Arborvitae, Blueberries, or other shrubs inside a large planter on your deck.

Ideas on what plants to grow are only limited by your imagination. Success is a function of the size of the planter, and the “greenness” of your thumb. Common wisdom suggests smaller is better when growing in a planter. This is true for both indoor and outdoor garden plants. And, fewer is better too. The size of the planter limits the amount of water and nutrients available to your plants. Too many plants in one container will become root-bound.  

We recommend sterile potting soil for indoor planters. Garden soil or compost can contain unwanted insects or plant diseases. Keep them outdoors.

Types of Garden Planters

Rock Garden Planter

Raised Bed Garden Planters – For great gardens, choose raised beds. There are many benefits for a raised bed. Note: Most raised beds do not have a bottom to allow better drainage, and for deep root growth.

Floor Planter

Floor Planters – These are very big pots and containers, for growing a bush or a tree. A Rubber plant is a common example. Some people have grown Rubber plants indoors over one story tall!

Hanging Planter

Hanging planters and baskets – From spring until the frost, hanging baskets are everywhere. Hanging baskets adorn the front and back of homes. They are popular on balconies and decks. As winter arrives, many are brought inside and become indoor houseplants during the winter months.



Agrotower Vertical Planter

Vertical Garden Planters– No space for a garden? Not true. Look up. Look down (from a deck, perhaps). Use them for flowerpots or for vegetable garden planters. Now use your imagination and find a planter to utilize vertical space.

Or, you can select a post planter for your mailbox, deck, or a post.

Deck Planter

Deck Planters– Turn your balcony or deck into a garden. Limited space on a patio, balcony or deck, requires a smaller outdoor garden planter. Or, perhaps a deck rail planter. Size, appearance, color, and material will depend upon your outdoor setting.  



Windowsill Planter

Windowsill Planters– Ever popular planters. Low growing, bright, profusely blooming flowers, are by far the most popular plants for windowsill gardens. Gardeners also grow herbs and vegetables in them, too.

Whimsical Planter

Be Creative! – Anything that can hold soil and water, can become a creative and decorative outdoor planter. Just use your imagination, and find a container that fits the decor.

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