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Indoor Houseplant

Houseplants brighten up your home or office. Caring for indoor plants makes for a great hobby during long, inclement winter months, and even throughout the year. Growing houseplants is rather easy. Many gardeners refuse to twiddle their green thumbs, for months on end, as winter keeps them indoors. Rather, we actively extend our gardening pleasure through the winter months, tending to a wide array of indoor plants.

The benefits of indoor gardening are numerous. My son reminds me of the clean air provided by indoor plants that take in carbon dioxide (which you exhale) and in turn release oxygen for you. Indoor plants also brighten the room, providing a cheerful sight for those grey and often dreary winter days.

Indoor plants are an important part of the decor in homes, offices, and other buildings. I am sure you will agree, that plastic indoor plants and shrubbery, are no substitute for the real thing. Another big benefit of indoor gardening is there is nothing more relaxing than gardening.

People grow all sorts of plants indoors. There are common houseplants and tropical houseplants. Many plants in your outdoor garden, make for good indoor houseplants, too. Start planning early, to identify what plants you want to bring indoors when fall arrives. When in doubt, we urge you to experiment and see if you can grow a particular plant indoors. The challenge is half the fun of gardening.

If frost is expected any time soon in your area, get moving and start planning your indoor garden today!

How to Grow Houseplants

Bringing Plants Indoors

Common Types of Houseplants

Fertilizing Plants – What to use, how to apply it, and when.

Forcing Blooms Indoors

Forcing Bulbs Indoors

Fruit Flies

House Plant Care and Maintenance

House Plant Foliar Feeding

Plant Propagation

Pots and Containers

Propagating Leaf Cuttings

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Houseplant Problems

Leaf Drop

Repotting House Plants and Container Plants

Root Bound Plants

Rootings and Cuttings


Soil Borne Insects

Soil pH – Ideal Levels


Did You Know?: Houseplants raise the humidity in your home. This can be a good thing during dry, winter months. In mid-summer however, it can make you more uncomfortable. If you have lots of indoor plants, consider moving some of them outdoors in the summer months.

How to Grow Houseplants Guides by Plant

You can get a selection of indoor seeds and bulbs that grow well in the shady conditions of your house this winter. You can select among common houseplants, flowering house plants, tropical houseplants, or something quite unique.

Good choices for indoor gardening:



Aloe Vera Plants

Aluminum Plant





Bonsai Plants




Carnivorous Plants


Coffee Tree – grow your own coffee beans!




English Ivy




Money Tree


Spider Plant


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