Houseplant Flowerpots and Containers

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About Houseplant Flowerpots

The houseplant flowerpots and containers you use are a reflection of you, your decorating tastes, and your needs. Fortunately, there is an endless variety to choose from. If you can’t find the “perfect container” for your houseplants, you can improvise. Make one from just about anything that will hold soil and water. The shape and style of your pot are not important to the plant, it is important to you.

What is important to your plant, is that the container you select has holes in the bottom to provide good drainage as most plants do not like to have their “feet” wet for extended periods. Most pots are made with a drainage hole and a dish below the pot. Often the dish is glued or attached to the pot so it does not separate. Don’t skip the dish or plate. Without it, an over-watered plant will drain onto your floor or carpet.

Flowerpot Size

Your houseplants will also care about the size of the pot or container you provide for it. Select a pot for your houseplants that will allow room to grow. And, make sure that it is big enough to support your plant’s size without tipping over. When replanting as a rule of thumb, select a pot a couple of sizes larger than the one it is currently in. If you are going to put a tall plant into it, make sure when filled it will not tip. For tall plants, a wide pot will minimize the likelihood of tipping.

Use Clean Flowerpots and Containers

It is important to the health of your houseplants that the containers you use are clean. If you are re-using a pot, clean it thoroughly. Scrub the container inside and out. We recommend you soak the containers in a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water to kill any molds and bacteria that may be present.

If you are re-using clay pots, make sure to soak them for a few hours. Clay pots will absorb salts and chemicals in their pores. Soaking helps remove salts and excess chemicals.

If you are using a container that has held anything in it before, make sure to clean it out. Give your houseplants a clean home to start their indoor life.

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