How to Fertilize Houseplants

Houseplant Fertilizer

About Fertilizing Houseplants

Like outdoor plants, your indoor plants need nutrients, too. But, indoor plants need fertilizers in a much different way. Indoor plants are most often grown slowly. The flowerpots contain a limited amount of nutrients. And over time, the plants use those nutrients up.  Specifically formulated houseplant fertilizers replenish the soil. So, let’s explore what they need and how to fertilize houseplants……..

Slow growth – Indoor plants grow much more slowly than outdoor plants. Chances are, you do not want your plants growing quickly and wildly, even if they could do so indoors. So, your indoor houseplants need far less fertilizer. But, they do need some.

Pots and Containers – Moisture and nutrients available to your houseplant, are limited to what is in the soil of the pot. As long as you do not overwater your plants, the nutrients in the soil stay there until your plant slowly consumes the nutrients. If you fertilize too often, nutrient levels can become excessive, and harmful to your plants.

How and When to Fertilize Houseplants

As the nutrients in the pot or container begin to be depleted, you will need to begin fertilizing your houseplants. As with outdoor plant care, the need for fertilizer will vary.

In general, fertilize houseplants once or twice a month…at most. Use a liquid fertilizer or fertilizer spikes. Easy to use fertilizer spikes have a slow-release formula. You may need to insert a new spike into the soil every couple of months. The package will tell you the frequency.

After applying fertilizer, observe the health and growth of your houseplants. Adjust your fertilizer program over time, to achieve the level of growth you desire.

Liquid fertilizer can also be used for foliar feeding. Usually, this is not needed for indoor plants. If you choose foliar feeding, use a diluted formula.

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