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Collecting Rainwater with Rainbarrels

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Some areas of the country have plenty of water. Other areas are arid, and water is a scarce and valuable commodity. If you live in an arid region of the country, you may want to collect and store rainwater, In addition, gardeners all over the country, often collect pure, clean rainwater to irrigate their gardens. They know that water out of the tap is treated with chemicals, most notably chlorine and fluoride. The organic gardener will have none of this.

Rainwater collection, or rainwater harvesting as some call it, is becoming increasingly popular, as the demand for freshwater supplies increase in many parts of the country.

Rainwater collection is easily accomplished by, capturing the rain that falls onto your roof. The rain falls into the gutters, then it travels through the downspout. A rainbarrel at the bottom captures runoff for future use.

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What to look for in a Rainbarrel:

 Almost any barrel or bucket can be used to capture rainwater. A good rain barrel will have the following features:

  • It is sturdy

  • It is long-lasting

  • It has a lid that latches, to keep children and pets safe.  

  • There should be a screen or debris filter at the top, to keep leaves and other debris out.

  • Look for a drain hose at the bottom, and a shut off valve for the drain.

  • Expandable - can be linked to another barrel, as your need grows.


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