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Giant Vegetables and Fruit

World Recrod Giant Pumpkin

As any gardener knows, a zucchini grows fast and furious. Left un-harvested, it can grow a couple of feet long and many pounds in weight. Other fruits and vegetables can grow pretty large, too. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of hobby gardeners, who grow fruits and vegetables not for eating, but for size and weight.

Among the world of giant fruits and vegetables, the best known are giant pumpkins. At annual fall weighoffs all over the world, growers seek to produce the biggest pumpkin ever grown. And, it's an exciting time, as giant pumpkin growers  have broken the world record on an almost annual basis for the past 20 years. These giant pumpkin growers now have their sights set on producing a one ton pumpkin. They are getting closer every year.

Gardeners seek to break the world record on many other vegetables, fruit, and plants. Here are just some of them:

  • Giant Squash

  • Tallest Sunflower

  • Biggest Tomato

  • Long Gourds

  • Giant Cantaloupe

  • Giant Cabbage

  • Giant Peppers

  • This list goes on, and on, and......

Just how big can your favorite vegetable grow you ask? You may be surprised. Listed below are some of the  giant weights we have found. Some of them are even world records. If you know of any large fruits and vegetables, or new records, please send us a note so we can share it with others.

Some Really Big Fruits and Vegetables
Item Size: Grower:
Cabbage 127.9 lbs. Steve Hubacek
Cantaloupe 39 lbs. Darin DeGraw
Long Gourd 149.5 inches Al Eaton, measured at the Bracebridge Agriculture Society Fall Fair/Horse Show. (2015)
Potato 18 lbs., 4oz.
Giant Pumpkins 2702 lbs. Stefano Cutrupi, Bordighera, Italy
Field Pumpkin 211 lbs. John MacKinnon weighed at the West Hants Pumpkin Festival in Windsor, Nova Scotia.
Tomatoes 8.41 lbs. Dan MacCoy (2014)
Giant Squash 2,118 lbs. Joe Jutras weighed this giant, green squash at the Frerichs Farm Weigh Off in Providence, R.I. on October 7, 2017.
Rutabaga 75.75 lbs. Scott Robb
Sunflower, Biggest Head 32 1/4 inches in diameter Grown by Emily Martin in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada in 1983.
Sunflower, Tallest 30 ft. 1 inch tall 30 feet 1 inch by German Hans-Peter Schiffer in 2014
Watermelon 350.5 lbs Grown by Chris Kent  from Sevierville, Tennessee. It was weighed at the SOGPG GPC weigh-off in Hamilton, Ohio on October 4, 2013.
Zucchini, Weight 65 pounds
Zucchini, Longest 69.5 inches

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