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Garden Tools and Equipment Care and Maintenance

Properly cared for, your garden tools and equipment can last for many years. Regular care and maintenance help to keep them in excellent condition. We recommend a “Fall Clean-up” and a “Spring Tune-up”. The neat thing about fall clean-up is it can be done after your yard cleanup, in the garage during those slower gardening times of the year.

Fall Clean-Up of Garden Tools

Winter can be hard on your tools and equipment. As you prepare to put away your garden tools and equipment for the winter, give them a thorough cleaning. Bring out the soap and water, sponge, and scrubber. Clean hand tools, rototiller, lawnmowers, weed whackers, edgers, and all other equipment. Hand dry them or let them air dry. They are now ready to put away for the winter.

Tip: Do not leave tools and equipment out exposed to snow and rain, as they will rust, rot, and corrode.

Hand tools- Inspect them for broken handles, rust, and dull blades. If the handles are broken, either repair them or plan to replace them. Sharpen any dull tools. Use fine sandpaper to clean rust off any bare metal parts. Apply a light coat of oil on bare metal parts. Re-stain or repaint wooden handles and parts as needed.

Power Equipment- After cleaning, re-oil all moving parts. Sharpen lawnmower and rototille blades. Lightly oil bare metal parts. If possible, remove any gas in the tank or run it until dry as gas can get old. Inspect for worn-out parts and plan to replace them over the long winter months, if possible.

Garden Hoses- Drain water completely as water in the hoses can freeze and break the hose.

Cold frames- Clean up your cold frame over the fall and winter months. If you spot mold, clean with a solution of water and bleach. If you use plastic, inspect for holes. Replace plastic as needed. Don’t wait until spring to get your cold frame ready or your plants may not have a home when they need to get outdoors. More on Cold frames

Spring Tune-Up

If you did your fall Clean-up, your hand tools are ready to go! Ditto with hoses and any other items outdoor tools and equipment.

Power equipment- Change the oil and clean the oil filter. Replace spark plugs and any worn wires and parts. Put fresh gas into the unit.

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