Cooperative Extension Service (CES)

Impatiens Perennial Flowers, 2023

CES Agricultural Education and Support Services

So, what is a Cooperative Extension Service? Besides being a mouthful, they are USDA-sponsored agencies within a College or University. A CES provides education and support services for agriculture. They assist farmers and home gardeners alike. As a good example, for a small fee, they can provide a thorough soil analysis. Also, they assist in the identification, and resolution of plant fertilizer, insect, and disease problems.

They are at the forefront of agricultural research and are often involved in problem issues like plant disease and insect problems.

There is a Cooperative Extension Service agency (CES) in every state. There are numerous county offices within some states. To find your local CES agency in your state, simply type into a search engine “Cooperative Extension Service”, followed by the name of your state.

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