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Tips How to Start Seeds Faster and More Successfully

So, what’s the big deal about starting seeds!? You stick a few seeds in the soil, add some water, then wait a few days, and Voila… You’ve got seedlings! If only it was that simple all of the time. Some seeds can be downright difficult to germinate. Some seeds can take several weeks to sprout. Yet, other seeds need extra warmth to sprout. We are certain that you will find some nuggets in our seed starting tips.

Perhaps, the biggest problem with successful seed sprouting, especially for new gardeners, is the tendency to plant seeds too deep.

Let’s explore the basics, tips, and invaluable concepts and techniques which will help you to improve germination rates, reduce germination time, and get your seedlings off to a fast and healthy start!

How to Start Seeds

Seed Starting Basics And Tips

  • Outdoors – Garden tips, what your seeds need to maximize germination
  • Indoors – tips for indoor starts

Seed Starting Equipment: – Let’s explore what to use: trays, kits peat pots, and peat pellets.

Soaking seeds before planting – It speeds germination for many seeds.

Nicking seeds before planting – should I nick seeds? How do I do this?

Seed Stratification – a process of storing seeds in a manner that simulates nature. It’s required for some seeds.

Germination Mats – For faster germination and higher germination rates. It makes a huge difference for all your plants, especially hard-to-start varieties.

Types of Seeds – Find out the difference between Hybrid, Heirloom, Organic, GMO, and Survival seeds.

Seed Germination Tests – We highly recommend you perform this test if you save seeds from last year’s garden 

Damping Off Disease – Guard against this deadly seedling disease.

Protect your Seeds – Birds and a variety of pests will search for your newly planted seeds. Learn how to control them.

Seed Starting Problems – It is unlikely the seed quality. Explore the causes and the cures.

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