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Seed Germination Mat Starter Kit

Seed Starter Kits with Seed Propagation Mats

Starting plants indoors is a popular and fun, spring gardening project. It lets us have the fun of sprouting our future transplants ourselves, versus buying young seedlings at a garden store. We can control the environment and give our seedlings the perfect start before setting them outdoors. A seed germination mat sprouts seeds faster and with a higher germination rate, too.

An important aspect in optimizing seed starting is to provide the ideal soil temperature for them to germinate more successfully, and sooner!? Hmm, faster germination, higher success rate… I’m all for that.

Most homes are heated at less than ideal temperatures for germination. At normal room temperatures, seeds can take much longer to emerge from the soil. Germination rates are often lower, too.

Seed germination mats help to provide the perfect soil temperature for your seed starts. They are especially useful for seeds that have long germination periods or are hard to start.

Germination mats are easy to use. Just place the mat under a seed tray, and plug it in. Leave it on 24/7, until the first seedlings begin to emerge. Then, turn it off.

Important Garden Tip: Once the plants have sprouted, it is important to remove the germination mat. The extra heat that helped your seeds to sprout, can harm the tender young roots.

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