How to Nick Seeds

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Nicking Seeds for Better, Faster Seed Germination

Nicking seeds is the process of opening a hard, thick seed coat, or seed “jacket” before planting them. It works well with pumpkins, squash, peas, and a variety of other large, hard-coated seeds. To find out how to neck seeds, simply read on…… 

This process makes it easier for water to penetrate the seed coat, and reach the seed germ inside. Water penetration is one essential ingredient to begin the seed sprouting process.

Nicking seeds is common with large seeds, and seeds with a thick or hard seed coat.

How to Nick Seeds

It’s a simple, but tedious task.

Take a sharp knife and cut a small nick or slit on each seed. Just a small opening for moisture to enter is all that is needed. Be careful not to cut deeply into the seed germ inside, as you can damage it.

Be careful! This task can easily lead to cut fingers and hands.

Also, this technique is technique is often performed in conjunction with soaking seeds.

An alternative to nicking seeds is to lightly sand a spot on the seed coat, to expose the seed germ inside. It’s safer than nicking them.

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