Butterfly Garden, How to Attract Butterflies


Attract Butterflies to Your Butterfly Garden

There is no denying that gardeners have a deep love of nature. Of course, we love our flowers and vegetables, lawns, and shrubs. However, we also love the animals that are attracted by the fruits of our hobby. So, it’s only natural that many flower gardeners grow a butterfly garden to attract these beautiful, winged creatures.  So, let’s explore how to attract butterflies to your backyard. It begins with planting flowers that attract butterflies.

There’s a wide range of colorful and beautiful butterflies. These beautiful, almost weightless creatures seemingly float on the breeze. Butterflies in the yard and garden, bring delight to young and old alike.

If you are looking to attract butterflies to your yard, you need to know but one single word……Nectar. And with that one word, we give the advantage to gardeners in luring them. A gardener knows that the nectar comes from flowers that he or she can grow in flower gardens to feed the butterflies. The more nectar in the flower, the more popular the plants will be to a butterfly. It will also work to attract many species of birds and bees, too.

Other Names: The original name for Butterfly was Flutterby.

Did you know? Butterflies taste with their feet. Hmmmm.

Flowers to Attract Butterflies

As you look to attract butterflies, look for flowers with lots of nectar. Also, look for flowers whose blooms offer a suitable place for a butterfly to land and rest while feeding. 

Here are some flowers that you will want to add to your flower bed or landscaping plans, to attract butterflies:

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