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How to Grow Asian Chinese Vegetables

Chinese vegetables were a rare commodity in the U.S., just a few years ago. They were hard to find in grocery stores, and even rarer still, growing in the home garden. Chinese and other cultural foods have gained in popularity in the marketplace. Grocery stores stock an ever increasing variety to meet the rising demand. Home gardeners have responded, by stocking up on Chinese vegetable seeds, and growing them in their gardens.

We tend to group all Asian vegetables  into one category...... "Chinese". In actuality, many originated in other parts of Asia, and are in use around the continent.

Varieties of Asian Vegetables:

There is a wide variety of Chinese vegetables to choose from. They include:

Growing instructions vary, depending upon the type of vegetable you are growing. Many varieties of Chinese vegetables are "baby" types. They are grown similar to their larger cousins in terms of fertilizer needs, soil conditions, and insect and disease control. There are also differences in growing techniques, due to their smaller size. Make sure to read the instructions on the package when buying the seed for special care instructions.

A wide range of seed companies now include Chinese varieties of vegetables in their seed offerings.


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